Yesterday morning, shortly after I awoke, I checked my email. I was greeted by a message with the subject, “Start a new life with beautiful large and firm breasts!”. WOW, indeed that would be quite the start of a new life for me, but not one that I’m interested in! It made me chuckle and put me in a very cheerful mood. Thank goodness for the broken campus spam filter or I would not have had the pleasure of that email gracing my inbox.

Although in the very middle of cluster exams with three remaining to be taken, I was oddly calm. Perhaps these were only delusions of adequacy, but putting Walter Kerr aside, I was feeling great!

Flash forward to the present, my exam this morning was surprisingly straight forward. Also, I’m still very relaxed and cannot help to remain positive. I’ve become content with the new challenges and opportunities this semester presents and I couldn’t ask for better friends.