Ever since I stopped swimming for Butler, mid-season my sophomore year, I’ve missed it like crazy. I knew I couldn’t do it anymore because it took too much time out of everyday and too much energy out of little me. This was best demonstrated by falling asleep in organic chemistry and anatomy. It could have been the subject matter, but I knew I had to quit so I did.

I am not a quitter. It bothered me that I had quit swimming. When the athletic director announced that men’s swimming was being cut, it really got to me. Lucky for me, because the team was cut, they guys on the team last year decided to get a club team started. To make a long story short, our first practice was yesterday and the second practice was this evening. Although challenging, swimming in a group is incomparable to swimming alone. It’s a lot more fun, and it encourages me to push myself a lot more. I’m super excited to be swimming on a team again!

In lab today we made suppositories. Without further explanation necessary, they were indeed the butt of many jokes. The best part of lab was when my lab partner had to consult me on proper use of a suppository.