You Searched For, What?

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In between studying today, I checked out my blog statistics for something to do. There is a section called “Search Engine Terms”, which tells you what search strings lead people to your blog. Having a small audience, that section is generally empty.

However, today is another story. Apparently somebody typed in “suppository up my butt at school” in their search engine of choice and found my blog. This leads me to wonder about what they were actually looking for, and also whether or not they found it. Perhaps I’ll never find out.

My Life Has Purpose

Pharmacy School 2 Comments »

Well, at the very least it might have purpose.  I got a High Pass on my latest care plan.  I thought this moment would never come, but it did.  If I would have gotten a high pass earlier this semester, I don’t think it would have meant this much to me.  Maybe withholding my High Pass was just a ploy to get me to take pride in my work.  On the other hand, perhaps I spend too much time dreaming up conspiracy theories.

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