Two O’Clock, Really?

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So I went to go take my second exam today, and arrived at the lecture hall 12 minutes early. Oddly enough, there wasn’t a classmate of mine in site sight, and the doors to the lecture hall were shut. Peering through the gap between the doors, I see everyone in my class lost in concentration on their exams. I had no idea how this was possible, but opened the door and walked up to my professor.

“I was positive the exam was at 2:30,” I told her. She assured me that the time had been changed to two o’clock and announcements were posted and emailed ages ago. I wasn’t going to argue with her, as clearly I was the only individual that didn’t get that message.

I finished the exam with ample time to spare, but wow that certainly made for an interesting day.

In other news, Brookstone sent me a replacement digital picture frame… 15 days after I sent the defective unit back. So far, it’s working great.

Skinny Fingers + My Hair = Military Cut

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Today I was a bit overdue for a haircut. With all the swimming I’ve
been doing, it has become very damaged and quite blonde. Great Clips
is quite close to campus, and cheap as well. Basically, those are
the two most important factors when choosing where I get my haircut.
I’ve always had the attitude that regardless of who cuts my hair, it
will grow back.

I decided that today was as good a day as any to get a bit of my hair
chopped off, so I headed to Great Clips about 45 minutes before
closing time at 6:00. I was told to take a seat by the cosmetologist
with the naturally pink hair. Pink haired cosmetologists probably
should worry me somewhat, but I don’t scare easily. I sat down and
was asked how I wanted my hair cut. I asked for the usual ‘finger-
width’ on top and #3 on the sides.

To cut a long meandering story short, apparently the cosmetologist
had the skinniest fingers of anyone in this city. Most people
wouldn’t think that by looking at her hands, but it becomes pretty
apparent when she gives you a ‘finger-width’ haircut. Goodness, did
I EVER get my money’s worth! Of course it’ll grow back, but in the
mean time, I look like I just got back from Iraq.

I Came, I Swam, I Conquered?

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On Thursday night, my high school held our first ever alumni swim meet. I have been looking forward to this meet since I found out about it in November. I was super excited to participate, as it has been over 2 years since my last swimming competition. I signed up for the 200 free and 500 free, my events in high school. Read the rest of this entry »

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