Baby, It’s Cold Outside

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Being from Wisconsin, people often ask me if it’s a lot colder there than in Indianapolis. I never know how to reply to that question, simply because it depends on the day. Instead, I decided to post the following forecasts. Note that there is not one instance of Sheboygan being warmer than Indianapolis in the next 6 days.

Weather: Indy vs. Sheboygan

Another quick point of clarification: Growing up in a cold climate makes me dislike the cold… not the other way around.

You Searched For, What?

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In between studying today, I checked out my blog statistics for something to do. There is a section called “Search Engine Terms”, which tells you what search strings lead people to your blog. Having a small audience, that section is generally empty.

However, today is another story. Apparently somebody typed in “suppository up my butt at school” in their search engine of choice and found my blog. This leads me to wonder about what they were actually looking for, and also whether or not they found it. Perhaps I’ll never find out.

Sprint of Stupidity

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On occasion, I’ve been know to make a mistake or two.  Ordinarily, I would never admit it, but today I had witnesses.

Last night it was not until a very late (or early) hour that I was finally able to fall asleep.  Naturally, after my first class this morning, I thought nap was a good idea for my 2 hour break.  Being as I am, I made sure to set an alarm to wake me 40 minutes before my class at noon.  I double and triple checked to make sure it was set correctly.  After waking up from my nap, I looked at my alarm and found that it was already 10:57!

I had just woken up, and for some reason was convinced my class was at 11:00.  I bolted out of bed, threw my laptop in my backpack, and made the decision that it’s better to be late than to skip.  However, not ever skipping or being late to class, I decided that I would run to class and just sneak into the lecture hall when I got there.

I was halfway to class, when I saw one of my classmates walking, in the opposite direction I was headed. Completely out of breath, I asked her why she wasn’t going to class.  Did I feel stupid when she said, “Dosage Forms is at 12 o’clock, and it’s only 11.”  I thought about it for a second or two, and then explained to her exactly what had happened.  She found it humorous, as did I.  Of course I was quite embarrassed, but I deserved to be.

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