I Came, I Swam, I Conquered?

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On Thursday night, my high school held our first ever alumni swim meet. I have been looking forward to this meet since I found out about it in November. I was super excited to participate, as it has been over 2 years since my last swimming competition. I signed up for the 200 free and 500 free, my events in high school. Read the rest of this entry »

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming

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Ever since I stopped swimming for Butler, mid-season my sophomore year, I’ve missed it like crazy. I knew I couldn’t do it anymore because it took too much time out of everyday and too much energy out of little me. This was best demonstrated by falling asleep in organic chemistry and anatomy. It could have been the subject matter, but I knew I had to quit so I did.

I am not a quitter. It bothered me that I had quit swimming. When the athletic director announced that men’s swimming was being cut, it really got to me. Lucky for me, because the team was cut, they guys on the team last year decided to get a club team started. To make a long story short, our first practice was yesterday and the second practice was this evening. Although challenging, swimming in a group is incomparable to swimming alone. It’s a lot more fun, and it encourages me to push myself a lot more. I’m super excited to be swimming on a team again!

In lab today we made suppositories. Without further explanation necessary, they were indeed the butt of many jokes. The best part of lab was when my lab partner had to consult me on proper use of a suppository.

Back To Indy – Round 4

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After a wonderful summer of working in WI, I’m back at to school in lovely Indianapolis. I do enjoy the city when I can, but school often has me stuck in my room frantically studying for quizzes and examinations.

With a new school year, I’m hoping to make a fresh start in a new direction. Over the summer I got on a fitness kick and logged about 60 miles of running. As I never ran before, this was a major accomplishment for me. I certainly don’t want anyone to think I enjoy running. I used to hate it more than anything, until I discovered the runner’s high. It is a bit addictive, and I got sucked in over the summer. However, running just wasn’t the right fit for me. I had to go back to my roots.

I got back on campus, ran 3 miles in 90 degree weather, as was cured of my new found joy. Instead, knowing I needed to get regular cardio in, I jumped in the pool and got back into swimming. It’s been over a year and a half since I left the Butler swim team, but luckily I didn’t forget how to swim. To keep me motivated, I set a goal this semester of 100,000 yards. That’s roughly 56.82 miles, but who’s counting? As of this evening, I’ve logged 41,600 yard (~23.64 miles). I think I’ll make the 100k without a problem.

I’d also like to start lifting weights. I’d like to find someone to go with me for the first time, and then I’ll be fine going on my own. I suppose I could go alone, but I need someone to help motivate me.

In recent news, my G4 20gig iPod died. It happened the day of the new iPod announcements. Convenient timing, but I assure you I didn’t harm my iPod intentionally. It just doesn’t communicate with the computer for more then several seconds, and iTunes can’t restore it. I’ve given up, and now have the dilemma of what iPod model to replace it with. I really want a touch, but the storage is low and the campus WiFi isn’t supported by it, so my best option is probably the iPod Classic. I know I want it in Black, but I’m stuck between 80gigs and 160gigs. I’ll most likely go with the 80gig because it’s thinner and should provide adequate storage. The only catch is that the 160gig gets better battery life. I suppose I could charge it.

I’ll leave that decision until after cluster exams. Indeed I should probably be studying now instead of blogging, but what fun would that be. I have exams next week Tuesday through Thursday. Gotta love pharmacy school.

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