So I’m officially tired of writing care plans for therapeutics case conference.  Case conference is basically like the tv show “House”, where we are given a patient chart and have to identify what is wrong with them and the best way to treat their problems.  It may sound like fun, but the write-up afterwards is a huge pain that takes hours.  Basically I’ve submitted four so far and received a Pass for each one.  To get an A, I need to get 3 High Passes.  Lucky for me, 3 of my Passes will be counted as a High Pass, assuming I get at least one High Pass.  For a one credit-hour course, I’ve put a ton of effort into it, and hope to get a High Pass soon.

This brings me to today, when I began writing my 5th care plan and decided that I’m taking this week off.  We do not need to submit a care plan each week, and I have thus far not missed a week.  However, I think I could use the break to lift weights, take a walk, hopefully take a few pictures, and they go to outdoor mass tonight.  The weather is wonderful and I plan on enjoying it.