It isn’t very often that I discover something new and exciting that I have to share with everyone I know. OpenDNS is something that I’ve read about and heard about through different geeky media channels and I feel compelled to tell you about.

OpenDNS Logo

Domain Name System servers, or DNS servers, match domain names to ip addresses when you search the web. For instance, when you type “” into your address bar, the request is sent to a DNS server which then sends back an ip address (, and your computer connects to that ip address to download the content from the Google homepage. This simplifies web browsing as the user isn’t required to memorize ip addresses in order to browse the web.

The problem with most DNS servers provided by your ISP is that they are slow. You may be connected to the internet at broadband speeds, but slow DNS servers can cause unnecessary delays when navigating from one page to another. OpenDNS aims to solve this problem.

Basically, to change the DNS servers that your home network connects to, all you have to do is login to your router and change the DNS addresses to and For a more complete guide on how to configure specific routers, the OpenDNS website is an excellent resource.

Once your network is set up to use OpenDNS, your web browsing experience should be noticeably faster. Also, OpenDNS will protect everyone on your network from phishing websites. If you choose to set up an OpenDNS account, your can setup shortcuts for different web addresses by simply typing different words in the address bar of your browser. There are many other customizable options including the option of collecting browsing statistics or customizing guide pages. To check out the rest of it’s features, I highly recommend checking it out here.