Every Friday morning this semester, I’ve had lab for Self-Care. The purpose of the class is to teach phuture pharmacists how to consult patients on OTC products as well as to become competent at blood pressure reading. This past Friday, however, was a bit different. Lab was separated into different stations, and one of the stations was giving subcutaneous injections. Making a long story short, I injected 1mL of normal saline into my abdomen.

In other recent news, I swam at the Indiana Masters State Meet a couple weekends ago, and had a blast. There were very few swimmers in my age group, so I was able to leave the meet well decorated 😉 I’ve never swam so many yards in one meet in my life. I swam the 1650, the 1000, and the 500 free. I slept well after that. Thank goodness the meet was two days long.

On a similar note, I’ve decided to vary my exercise routine a bit. I intend to continue swimming 5 nights/week, but I’ve also begun running…again. Yes, I did quit running in August. Yes, I’ve always despised running. Yes, I’m not very good at running. Alright, I understand, running isn’t my thing….but I ran ~8 miles last week with my friend Shelley. Other than one time with my sister last summer, this is the only other time I’ve run with someone else. I think I’ll enjoy running much more if I have someone to talk to. I’d get an iPod shuffle to listen to, but I’d be afraid I’d get run over by a bicyclist or a caffeinated yuppie mom jogging behind her future Einstein in a stroller. Plus, my hand-eye coordination is pretty bad, so changing songs might cause me to face-plant.

Side note: This is my first time writing a post with WordPress Version 2.5, and I must say the new administration layout is very nice. One day I’ll build a custom theme for this blog…

Alright, I’d better get back to studying. My third set of cluster exams are this coming Monday-Wednesday. Summer, where are you?