Spring Break 2008

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It’s been quite a while since my last post, so I thought I’d write an update for those of you with stalker-like tendencies.

A week ago, I got back from VA where I was lucky enough to spend my Spring break with my aunt and uncle in the Cumberland Gap area. The trip to VA was just plain scary. There was a massive snowstorm blanketing Ohio with as much as 20″ of snow in some cities. I was fortunate enough to learn firsthand that Ohio neither owns nor operates snow plows. Much of I-74 was reduced to one lane in either direction, and even that lane was not nearly clear. Once I made it south of Cincinnati, the snow lightened up and the rest of the trip went smoothly. The whole trip took only 6:36, which wasn’t that bad with all things considered.

My week in VA was super relaxing, and I watched quite a few movies and took a couple of nice pictures. The scenery is spectacular in the mountains, and my uncle and I drive around taking pictures. I saw my first ever beaver-induced fallen tree. It was pretty neat. Other events from the week include my first ever viewing of a shuttle launch (NASA channel), installing Epocrates on my aunt’s PDA, and talking to a bird that was fascinated with saying “Here a quack, there a quack” over and over again.

Also, once I arrived in VA, I realized that I had forgotten my bag with my razor, contacts, glasses, and toothbrush. I learned how to shave with a razor over break as well. It wasn’t bad, but more time consuming than I would prefer. I think I’ll stick to my electric razor for the time being.

The trip back to Indy only took 6 hours, as the roads were clear and traffic was minimal. I had a great time and cannot wait to go back.

Since break, I’ve had a week of classes and Easter.  I enjoyed the nice Easter Mass on campus in the early afternoon.  What a perfect time for Mass after a fun-filled night of clubbing with friends.  It was my the first time going out to the club with a group of my friends, and it was a blast!

Sunday evening I had a very nice home-cooked meal with Shelley and Katie, her roommate.  It was much nicer than my dinner at Fazoli’s from last Easter.

Lastly, my family is currently in Mexico for my brother’s Spring break.  With the current weather outside, I do wish I were there.

Look Out, Francis Ford Coppola!

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Here is my brother’s National History Day project. It’s a short film on the life of Al Capone. To put things in perspective, my brother is a freshman. When I was a freshman in high school, PowerPoint was as advanced as we got.

Two O’Clock, Really?

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So I went to go take my second exam today, and arrived at the lecture hall 12 minutes early. Oddly enough, there wasn’t a classmate of mine in site sight, and the doors to the lecture hall were shut. Peering through the gap between the doors, I see everyone in my class lost in concentration on their exams. I had no idea how this was possible, but opened the door and walked up to my professor.

“I was positive the exam was at 2:30,” I told her. She assured me that the time had been changed to two o’clock and announcements were posted and emailed ages ago. I wasn’t going to argue with her, as clearly I was the only individual that didn’t get that message.

I finished the exam with ample time to spare, but wow that certainly made for an interesting day.

In other news, Brookstone sent me a replacement digital picture frame… 15 days after I sent the defective unit back. So far, it’s working great.

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