I’m A Swimmer, Again!

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Last weekend, myself and the rest of the Butler Swim Club competed at the IU Swim Club Hoosier Classic Invite. Wow, that’s a mouthful. It was an absolute blast. Other than my high school alumni meet, I had not competed since first semester of my sophomore year.

Anyway, it felt great to get back in the water and race other college swimmers. The competition was not quite as grueling as it was at NCAA meets, but I was still very proud of my second place finishes in the 200 free and 500 free, and our second place 200 free relay finish. My times weren’t lifetime bests, but for my first college meet in over 2 years, they weren’t too shabby. My 200 time was 1:56.40 and my 500 was 5:24.40. Perhaps most surprising to me was my relay split of 23.80. That time certainly is not impressively fast, but for a distance swimmer it is something to smile about.

At the meet, it was proposed that we have swim club record times for each event, and that they be posted online. I agreed with the suggestion and several days later, redesigned the swim club site from the ground up. I’m quite happy by how it turned out.

At any rate, I’m a swimmer again and am enjoying every moment of it!

Skinny Fingers + My Hair = Military Cut

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Today I was a bit overdue for a haircut. With all the swimming I’ve
been doing, it has become very damaged and quite blonde. Great Clips
is quite close to campus, and cheap as well. Basically, those are
the two most important factors when choosing where I get my haircut.
I’ve always had the attitude that regardless of who cuts my hair, it
will grow back.

I decided that today was as good a day as any to get a bit of my hair
chopped off, so I headed to Great Clips about 45 minutes before
closing time at 6:00. I was told to take a seat by the cosmetologist
with the naturally pink hair. Pink haired cosmetologists probably
should worry me somewhat, but I don’t scare easily. I sat down and
was asked how I wanted my hair cut. I asked for the usual ‘finger-
width’ on top and #3 on the sides.

To cut a long meandering story short, apparently the cosmetologist
had the skinniest fingers of anyone in this city. Most people
wouldn’t think that by looking at her hands, but it becomes pretty
apparent when she gives you a ‘finger-width’ haircut. Goodness, did
I EVER get my money’s worth! Of course it’ll grow back, but in the
mean time, I look like I just got back from Iraq.

Swimming Success – 200,000 yards complete

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Back in late August, when I moved back to college, I started swimming again.  At the time, I set a goal of swimming 100,000 yards before the end of the year.  About half-way through the semester, I hit 100,000 yards and knew I had to set a new goal to push towards.  Naturally, I just doubled my previous goal.

This morning, I finally crossed the 200,000 yard stretch at my brother’s high school swim practice.  The actual total is 202,150 yards, or about 114.86 miles.  Not too shabby for a guy who hasn’t swam since first semester of his sophomore year.  The 10,000 yard workout on Wednesday morning was an eye opener… although it wasn’t until Thursday morning that I knew why.  I basically felt like I got hit by a train when I woke up (nothing 2 ibuprofen couldn’t fix).

What does the future hold?  Perhaps some more swimming and swim meets before long.

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