Back in late August, when I moved back to college, I started swimming again.  At the time, I set a goal of swimming 100,000 yards before the end of the year.  About half-way through the semester, I hit 100,000 yards and knew I had to set a new goal to push towards.  Naturally, I just doubled my previous goal.

This morning, I finally crossed the 200,000 yard stretch at my brother’s high school swim practice.  The actual total is 202,150 yards, or about 114.86 miles.  Not too shabby for a guy who hasn’t swam since first semester of his sophomore year.  The 10,000 yard workout on Wednesday morning was an eye opener… although it wasn’t until Thursday morning that I knew why.  I basically felt like I got hit by a train when I woke up (nothing 2 ibuprofen couldn’t fix).

What does the future hold?  Perhaps some more swimming and swim meets before long.